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Skills Training Center

The Yard is our center for skills, strength, speed, and confidence building. While we understand the thrill and fun of playing competitive games, we value the importance of fundamental skill development for all ages to increase their ability to compete. We are excited to provide classes, clinics, and private instruction to athletes with the desire to improve on the court.


We are excited to offer specialty classes for the athlete looking to master specific techniques in their game! All our classes are small groups to give each athlete the attention they need to master their craft. Classes are offered in a variety of days and times to allow multisport athletes to find a time that works best for them!



Our courses are designed to build fundamental skills from start to finish over the course of multiple sessions. Just like a piano lesson, our courses are designed to teach concepts to be practices between sessions. Courses are taught in small groups and offered in a variety of days and times to fit your schedule. Participants that complete the entire course will receive a "graduation" shirt after their final exam.


Elite Training

Our elite training is for high school and college athletes looking to find an extra competitive advantage. Classes and courses in our elite training division are taught by our motor learning specialist to help breakdown body movement and technique improvements. For individual instruction for elite athletes, please contact us directly.


Private Group Instruction

Do you have a group of players that want to learn together? We do offer small group training! Please contact us for more information!


College Prep

We are excited to offer college prep opportunities! From recruiting, to academics, to advancing skill level, we work hard to prepare athletes to advance to the next level. Our focus is on both academic preparation and athletic work. For serious athletes hoping to take their game to the next level.


Gym Rat Membership

We know it can be hard sometimes to find a gym to work on your game! We offer memberships for those athletes that know the gym is their happy place. Memberships give access to open gym times and discounts on classes, courses, and priority individual training.

Get in Touch

Contact us for more information! We have options for athletes of all skill levels and can work to create a program to meet your specific goals!

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